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In the Name of Allah the Merciful the Compassionate.

Welcome to the Islamic Da`wah Center, a historical landmark in the heart of Houston, one of America’s greatest cities. The Islamic Da`wah Center was founded to serve an unfulfilled need of the Houston community to explore the rich history and cultures of Islam. In its early days as the Houston National Bank, it served the community by providing financial assurance and security. Today, this magnificent building has been transformed into an Islamic institution, the first of its kind in the historical district of Houston downtown serving the community by presenting the true image of Islam.                                                   
        This grand monument exemplifies a tangible development to the freedom of religion and a true manifestation of peace in diversity, sharing its fountain of knowledge, promoting peaceful co-existence, and encouraging constructive dialog with people of other faiths. Finally, “the essence of our work focuses on promoting Islam, a religion that works for the good of humanity.”

Mohammad Rashad Khalil,
Founder Islamic Da`wah Center.










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